They say that people who speak different languages have different ways of thinking. It is true that they are different from person to person. Moreover, a linguistic difference also means a logical difference. The article is related to this opinion, and shows a beneficial suggestion and a prejudice.

The article lead me to think that we have to be more careful in writing essays in English. The author doesn’t classify Japanese into the Oriental group, but oratory of Japanese is distinct from the English one and similar to the one of Oriental group. When we write essays, if we pay no attention to that, we often can’t tell well what we want to really mean. Of course, we should endeavor to avoid making such mistakes both in writing English and Japanese essays. We should write coherent essays at any time.

However, the author emphasizes the good points of logical structure showed in English writing and can’t understand fully the characteristics in other languages. This is what I want to criticize in any way. The author says “this distinction is not intend to offer any criticism of other exciting paragraph development ”, in addition, he says “The rhetorical structures of English paragraphs may be found in any good composition text. The of paragraphs in other languages are not so established.” Not only English, but also other languages have their particular structures. I think Many people have different opinions to each languages. 

Finally, it is useful to read this article to make public statement like English essays. However, needless to say, it is more or less partial to English. At the same time, for us, it is important to acquire writing skills in English and have our own way of thinking with care .